A King’s Lynn Marina and link to the Great Ouse is one of the most exciting and ‘tangible’ local projects to be announced for a while . . . . .Will it ever take place? ........

Priory marina

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Kings Lynn Marina and Relief Channel Lock

GOBA for many years has supported the concept of a Marina at Kings Lynn.
The original project began to gather pace and in 2004 GOBA donated £1000 to the Kings Lynn Marina and Waterways Trust to help promote the benefits of the Marina. GOBA committee members have been attending the Waterfront Regeneration Area Consultative Group for the past 7 years.

The original plans included an Inland link to the relief channel from the proposed Marina via an extension of the River Nar. This idea was soon abandoned, when environmental concerns were voiced, plus the proposed channel of 10 metres would not allow for 2 boats to pass and existing bridges were not suitable for navigation due to limited headroom.

It was suggested that a link could be made to the inland navigation via the tidal river and a lock in the relief channel tail sluice (a longstanding GOBA objective).
From this point the project proceeded steadily.

The area was remediated of all contaminants and the council acquired most of the land needed. Money from the County Infrastructure Fund was obtained for road links to the area and surface water management works were completed, the site was ready for construction.

In 2009 the final master plan was adopted by the Council, we were now at the point where planning approval could be sought. Unfortunately chaos hit the money markets, leading to a massive Government deficit which caused land values to plummet. This has led to the project being put on hold, all plans have been archived and most of the staff involved in the regeneration department have been laid off. This is the consequence of the council having to make severe cuts to their budgets.
The only chance of progressing at this point is if private finance can be obtained.

On a positive note.
A Technical Feasibility and Economic Viability Study has just been completed by the EA into the possibility of placing a lock into the tail sluice of the relief channel, with money in short supply funding will be difficult to obtain.

There is a glimmer of hope in that once the Olympics have been held, it is possible that lottery funding could be obtained.

Lets hope so.